Hog Flooring

Tandem Products, Inc.


The "Animal-Friendly" Floor

, THE MULTI-PURPOSE FLOOR. For use in farrowing, nursery and finishing. Provides a non-slip surface with excellent cleanability. Ideal for modular systems.
Tenderfoot/NS THE NURSERY FLOOR. For small animals up to 100 lbs. Specially designed for small animals. Also useful in zoos, dog kennels, etc.  
  A Softer, Warmer, Bedding-Type Environment Install around farrowing crates to reduce bruises, abrasions, and discomfort. Pigs are healthier and happier.

SIX WAYS Tenderfoot floors create a more profitable environment:

1. Excellent Cleanability
Occasional clean-up with a hose reduces maintenance time.

2. Less Disease/Healthier Pigs
Flooring stays drier. Plastic coating resists bacteria and fungi.

3. Reduced Knee and Leg Abrasions
No sharp edges! Research shows no injuries with Tenderfoot.

4. Reduced Incidence of Spraddle Legs and Underline Problems
Small mesh prevents leg entrapment but offers good traction.

5. Insulated Surface Controls Heat Loss
Plastic coating prevents heat loss; increases comfort for pigs

6. Strong-But-Soft Coating, Extended Life