Miraco Livestock Water Systems

"A Water System for Every Need"


What makes Miraco livestock waterers different?

  • The first energy-free livestock watering system
  • Developed and perfected over 30 years
  • Patented, unique ball system
  • The first waterers made of polyethylene materials
  • Insulated to prevent freezing in winter; cooler in summer
  • Greatly reduced costs over traditional watering systems
  • Available from dealers nationally and internationally

Why purchase Miraco livestock waterers?

  • Heavy Duty
  • Rugged
  • Livestock Safe
  • Durable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Long Life
  • Reduced Algae
  • Water Efficient
  • Energy Free

Which Miraco water systems can J and J Sales deliver?

J and J Sales is a dealer for all models of MiraFount and BIGspring waterers. Call Jim for recommendations on the model that's right for your livestock needs.


MiraFount Energy Free Waterers

Small, medium, and large capacity models are ideal for beef, dairy, hogs, and other livestock. Larger models can accomodate up to 350 beef or 120 dairy cows.


BIGspring 6000


Capacity 50 head beef or 25 head dairy
Gallons 15
Length One 8.75" opening / 9" ball closure
Dimension 26" x 28" x 14"
Weight 59 pounds 
Constant flow or optional electric heating.


BIGspring Livestock Waterers

A complete line of constant-flow watering systems ideally suited for free-stall dairy operations and large feedlots. Available in end or center-opening models.

BIGspring 6000


Capacity 200 head beef or 100 head dairy
Gallons 80
Length 120"
Width 22"
Drinking Height 22"
*Automatic refill or constant flow
*Optional electric heating.