Osborne Big Wheel Feeders

"The most efficient way to feed for increased
growth and profits"

Big Wheel Facts and Features

No. 1 Choice for producers for over a decade; the performance standard for professional producers
  Patented mechanical-flow design cuts waste, cuts maintenance, streamlines swine feeding, improves feed- to-gain ratios
  Self-regulating, self-cleaning feed wheel releases food only when needed
  Long-lasting heavy steel construction with reinforced    
RTM-GLAS™ fiberglas
s hoppers and troughs
  Round shape uses less floor space, gives pigs more room—less stress means faster finish time
  Optional Fenceline Adapters allow fixed or removable installation
  Bump Bars ensure first-in/first-out feed flow, always keeping feed fresh
  Labor saving Feed Rate Gauge to control feed flow—set it and forget it


Big Wheel Models Available

Big Wheel Nursery Feeders

  • Prevent stale food for improved gainespecially important for sensitve young pigs
  • Pellets/crumbles flow through without damage to texture
  • Meal flows easily without separation or waste
  • Trough height, size of openings, and head spacing reduce stress and promote consumption
  • Three models can feed:  
    25 pigs from 10-days to 35 lbs.
    2) 40 pigs from 2 weeks to 65 lbs.
    3) 60 pigs from 2 weeks to 80 lbs.
  • Smaller feeders are ideal for use in dividers between crates or in fencelines with optional adapters

Big Wheel Finishing Feeders

  • Mixing action of feed wheel prevents "picky" eating
  • Feeder design slows or stops flow of feed when pigs stop eating
  • Smooth, self-cleaning trough eliminates spoilage
  • Efficient action and design mean less management time
  • Five Models can feed about 60 pigs from 10-50 lbs. up to market weight

Big Wheel Bulk Feeders

  • Big Wheel performance on a larger scale
  • Feed capacities range from 25-105 bushels
  • Feeders in five sizes, serving 90 head of hogs or higher
  • Engineered to eliminate waste, adjustments, cleaning, and plugging
  • Heavy-gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel on lower parts of feeders, rings, lids, and ladders—lasts for decades
  • Feeders function on level or sloped floors, inside barns or out
  • Self-cleaning action keeps feed flowing even after heavy rains

Big Wheel Feeder Parts